Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Face Moll-ing

So, seeing as we are in India, and all the women here have pierced noses, we decided to try and get our noses pierced. For those of you who know me well, I have had my nose pierced 4 times, but every time it seems to get ripped out or infected, but I thought heck...fifth times a charm right? Kate had her nose pierced on her last trip here, so we figured we should give it a shot. We met up with one of Kate's local friend who was going to help us find a decent place to get them done. We found a jewelery shop and Somya talked to the guy for us in Kannada, then told us to pick out some earrings, and that we could get them done here. So, we each picked out a nice small gold earring with a little diamond in the middle. Kate was going to go first, but then she started to get a little nervous (with good reason), and I said "No problem, I'll go first."

Without even washing his hands, or marking the spot on my nose he was going to pierce, then man came from behind the counter and sat me down on a little bench. He opened a container that looked like it had an ice pick in it, that was soaking in alcohol (hopefully). Then, so quickly the guy shoved one finger up my nostril then started jabbing me with the ice pick! Usually when you get your nose pierced, you feel intense pressure and pain as the needle goes through, then as they remove it the quickly slip the earring in, and the whole procedure takes about 20 seconds. These are under ideal circumstances...and certainly not what happened to me.

The guy poked the pick through two times, then on the second time he pushed it through so hard that it actually pierced the inside of my nose too! I kept thinking the earring was in my nose, but as I squeezed Kate's hand, the guy actually walked away from me and left the pick in my nose as it was sliding down, creating an even bigger gash! It was so funny, because at one point I looked up and Kate and she was white faced, and shaking just as bad as I was, and she looked at me and said, "I don't want to do it anymore," and I just looked right back at her and said "you don't have to!"

Apparently the guy was so excited to shove the pick through my nose that he forgot the earring! So, as he approached me again, I tensed up as he removed the pick. Right as I thought he was going to insert the earring and it was all going to be over, he dropped the earring on the ground and tried to pick it up and put the dirty thing in my nose.

Kate and I both protested so he shoved the pick back in my nose and went to get a new earring. By this time, it had been about two minutes, and blood and tears were covering my face. As he approached me again he said that he needed to put the pick through one more time. That was when Kate and I threw up our arms and said "NO!" We told him to just stop, and I took the pick out of my nose as I was shaking in total shock.

All I wanted to do was get the thing cleaned and get the hell out of there, but then it turned into a question of what we were going to pay for the face Moll-ing. He wanted me to pay for the earring, but there was a huge crack in it, so after much debating, Kate pretty much just pulled me out of the shop, as the man sat there saying "very funny!"

Luckily I was able to find an antiseptic wipe, but I was still pretty paranoid about infection. I had to ride on the back of Somya's motorbike through Bangalore, and I was just thinking about all the pollution that was probably getting in it! Luckily we were able to make it back to the house after a few hours and get some antibiotic cream and a bandaid on it before we had to take another 15 hour train ride.

So basically I have decided that I never want to get my nose pierced again. 5 times is definitely not a charm! Kate still wants to get hers done, but this time we are going to make sure it's some professional, and not some guy that is just ice-pick happy who I'm pretty sure had never done the procedure before!!!

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