Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Pics from Hampi

The View from our sunset hike:
Molly and Kate!!!
Our Favorite restaraunt, the Mango Tree....amazing view and great coconut curry !
The boat guys hanging out in true Indian style (the men are so touchy here!)
Walk back from the Mango Tree restaurant through the Banana plantations

Bangles Galore:

The women here are truly Amazing!!!

The Walk to our Home was pretty Amazing!!!
Our home at Manju's place! (The middle big bungalow)
All our bikes on our lake days!

An all around amazing scene!

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  1. Hey Molly and Kate! The pictures are incredible and your stories are so fun to read!!! Sounds like quite the experience you are having!!! Thanks for the picture of the "Nora" car... funny! Miss you Mollz. Lots of Love to you!