Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pictures from Goa

Here are some pictures from our adventure throughout the state of Goa. There were so many stalls selling teas and spices, it was beautiful! If you recall in our earlier post we spoke about all the crazy people that we encountered in Goa, especially Arambol. You will see the David Bowie double from the Labyrinth balancing a glass ball on his head. Topless women doing handstands, men in speedo's juggling. Luckily amidst all the craziness there were also many beautiful parts of Goa, from the fishing boats to the cows roaming the beaches. There is also a picture of our jammed pack bus rides, and a few others just for fun! Thanks for waiting so long for all the pictures! We are finally starting to motivate, and will hopefully have some new posts coming your way!
-Molls and Kate

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